Clipping Path Services

Basic: $0.45

Simple: $0.95


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Ghost Mannequin Services

Neck Joint: $1.15,

 Removal Mannequin: $1.25,

3D Ghost Mannequin$1.65

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Image Retouching Services

Object Removal: $0.45

Basic Retouch : $2.15

Model Glamour Retouch : $6.55

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Image Restoration Services

Black & White Restoration: $18.50

Damage Restoration: $18.20

Color Restoration: $25.60

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Drop Shadow Services

Drop Shadow: $0.20,

Natural Shadow: $0.45,

Reflect Shadow:$0.45

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Photo Masking Services

Alpha Masking: $1.45,

 Layer Masking: $1.45,

Hair Masking:$1.45

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Logo Design Services

Basic Logo Design:- start $35.00

2D Logo Design :- start $50.00

Company Logo Design:- start $100.00

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Video Editing Services

Video Cut-off: start $15.00

Watermark/Logo remove : start $35.00

Raw Video Editing: start $75.00

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Business Card Design

Basic Business Card: Start $5.00,

Company Business Card: Start $10.00

Creative Business Card: Start $15.00

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Brochure Design

Brochure Design 2 fold:- start $35.00

Brochure Design 3 fold :- start $50.00

Creative Brochure Design:- start $100.00

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Accepted Payment Methods

Bank check will be accepted only USA but we will prefer all time is Paypal and Payoneer.